Monday, 8 October 2012

Kia Spectra Air Cleaner Assy (Genuine Parts)

Salam Spectra,

Here I would like to info to all spectrans owners who had a crack air cleaner box via its lock nut where it can easily crack due to  extreme heat, always open for service the air filter and once they tighteen is too hard which can easily crack its plastic screw moulding.

The Genuine Air Cleaner Assy full set photo from every angles.
It is more applicable to install a Ori REDLINE stainless steel drop in air filter as u dont have to always open the filter box in order prevent the screw mould crack faster. As Redline filter produced high cool air flow which result good combustion between air,fuel mixture.....

You can either choose Ori REDLINE power air filter with very affordable prices and life usage. OR...

Worldwide used ie Genuine USA K&N high flow air filter which price is compatible too...
** For both items pleased Aware of Immitation Parts (Cina) lots in our market as quality is poor and wont last.. Need all items above sms/call 013-7849798 or 017-7200466.

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