Monday, 16 April 2012

What causes Timing Belt to Break?

Salam Spectrans,

Again Reminders to all Spectrans and Newbies who just bought the Used Kia Spectra.

For Newbies the first thing u recvd yr car PLEASED REPLACE YR ORI GENUINE TIMING BELT KiT.
Fully REcommended Genuine Dayco High Temp Timing Belt full kit.Warranty usaged at 100k km interval

For existing Spectrans who had clock 50k km, 90k km,135k km interval or earliar the better pls do the replacement.

The Main Causes Timing Belt to Break is :-
1.Break earliar then the specific time fr eg. at 35k km the belt break off....its due To Fake Timing Belt.
2. Over due Timing Belt as overight the warranty period.
3.Bad Tensioner and Idler pulley due to worned out bearings that caused Slip Timing Belt.
4.Driving at high speed where the belt will get extreme heat and expand....

So spectrans this can be a major service maintenance and big budget if the belt breaks. $$$$$
Need Genuine Dayco Belts kindly sms/call at 017-7200466 or 013-7849798. There are stocks avail.

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